Come Catfish on Lake Marion, and Lake Moultrie on the Santee Cooper System in SC with Guide and Pro Angler Capt. Darryl Smith with a 100 lb a day Guarantee. We have 23 Confirmed World Records, and have been featured in 59 TV Shows, and over 598 Magazines. All you will need is a SC Fishing License and whatever you wish to eat or drink during a day’s time.


 Fish in Comfort on a 30-Foot High Performance Crest Pontoon.

In the Wintertime we have a 12 foot Enclosure with a 45,000 BTU heater in it.

Stay warm and dry on the worst of days.​

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Who's Darryl? 

I'm a lucky person who was born and raised here in the central Piedmont of the Carolinas'. Hunting and fishing here has provided me with a blessed lifestyle of many wonders.

​I was one of four boys born into a country family on the fringes of Rock Hill, SC. As a child all I had to do with my time after chores was hunt and fish. I grew up in a time when you hunted and fishe​d to eat, so what I learned I learn to do fairly well. I'll turn 50 on my next birthday and can proudly say; I do not know what alcohol tastes like or what drugs do. Being serious about hunting and fishing did not leave time for alcohol, or drugs but I can tell you where the big fish run!

​In my lifetime, I've traveled all over the Carolinas' learning it's many rivers and lakes. Through my adolescence, I've learned by trial and error and just spending time in the great outdoors. When I couldn't figure things out on my own, I had many kind people to correct me and put me on the right track. My Parents have been my driving forces all my life to make them proud. They encouraged me
with love to pursue what they seen in me.

The best fishing trips don't just happen by going out and throwing your bait in the water. You have to do your homework except your classroom has been the great outside and has an excellent view out the window. Rivers and lakes change with each storm and heavy rain. You have to constantly run these waters to keep up with the changes. Trees wash in, deep holes fill in, and shallow runs wash out to become deep holes. I have dedicated my life to learn the outdoors. Great fishing trips can happen for me regularly because I do the homework on my days off guiding.

​I have been blessed in my adventures and caught a lot of big fish. I would like to share my many years experience with you to show you a taste of what I have seen, experienced, and lived my life doing. 

Why is your fishing better with Captain Darryl? He does not hold a guides license. He is a licensed Captain. Let's look at the difference.

Guides license - This one is limited to 3 lakes in South Carolina, 3 lakes in North Carolina, and 2 lakes in Georgia. Legally, guides can't stray from these lakes without receiving a heavy fine of ten thousand dollars (ouch). This means no river fishing and that's where the big fish are.

Captain's license - This one is much more exclusive. It requires more training and a harder test. The captain can legally fish all waters in the continental United States (except the Great Lakes). With enough time on salt water, they can eventually travel up to 100 miles offshore.

Because of this license Captain Darryl can go where the big fish are not pressured. This makes for secluded and more scenic trips.                     

​Need more convincing?
Check out our photo gallery.

​Captain Darryl Smith is licensed by the U.S. Co​ast Guard and insured. 

Captain Darryl's Guide Service

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Rock Hill, SC  29730

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