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Come Catfish on Lake Marion, and Lake Moultrie on the Santee Cooper System in SC with Guide and Pro Angler Capt. Darryl Smith with a 100 lb a day Guarantee. We have 22 Confirmed World Records, and have been featured in 18 TV Shows, and over 400 Magazines. All you need is a SC Fishing License and whatever you wish to eat or drink during a day’s time. (Ask about our alcohol policy). Fish in Comfort on a 30-Foot Crest Pontoon with a 12-foot hardtop on it. 

For current fishing updates or for fishing trends to see when the best time to come with our Charter Service

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2013’s largest catfish we caught was a 91.5 lb blue catfish. We had a SC State Biologist help us weigh and confirm the species and Release the fish UNHARMED. Channel 5 News out of Charleston, SC came and filmed us Releasing this fish. This makes 4th catfish in the 90's caught in my boat and 1 over 100.5 lbs. The Top 5 catfish in my boat are a 90 lb Flathead, 91.5 lb Blue, 93 lb blue, 96.4 lb blue, & 100.5 lb blue catfish!   

So Come on and lets go fish the Catfish Capital of the World!

2013 was a real good year for catfishing. 2014 will be even better. We have just come out of a 7-year drought. With water levels back up to normal fishing will be even better. We now are in our Summertime Night Fishing Season. We are SMOKING the fish. We caught a lot of 30-50 lb fish with a few into the 60's so far this summer. So far my best trip this 2014 season was 535 lbs weighed in so far. 2013 year was 587 lbs weighed. We still on normal days averaging 200+ lbs each trip. This has been putting smiles on Faces. Our best trip in 2012 we boated 603 lbs. 2011's best was 705 lbs. Each year I'm learning more and more, I cannot wait to see what the rest 2014 has to bring. With our Incredible Fall and Winter Fishing still to come?? I cannot wait. Our fish make Fantastic Table Fare! Our water is clean with no restrictions on eating the catfish. Now when you catch a fish on my boat it's YOUR choice to keep it or throw it back. I carry a 170 quart cooler so if you wish to keep fish, IT'S YOUR CHOICE and is Ok with me either way. No I do not fish till a cooler full and come in. We fish till 8 hours past the time we decide to leave the dock each day, or we come in earlier when you scream UNCLE.

I am a United States Licensed Coast Guard Captain, Pro Angler, and Pro Guide offering Catfishing Trips for all ages throughout the year on Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie, Congaree River, Wateree River, and the Santee River or better known as the Santee Cooper Lakes here in South Carolina. I am a FULL TIME GUIDE since 2000 where we average being on the water 300+ days a year. I am the only person who has boated 5 catfish over 90 lbs to 100.5 lbs here at Santee Cooper. Now, yes, we do catch smaller catfish as well. Most days we will average 200+ lbs of fish and up to my all time best day of 723 lbs with 29 fish. On the Santee Cooper we catch primarily Blue Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Channel Catfish, and White Catfish. By changing and using different Fishing Methods and Styles of fishing through the year we have had a tremendous success ratio. By moving with the migrating fish, weather it's Winter Fishing at the first of the year, to Spring Time Shallow Water, to the Summer Time Day or Night fishing trips, to the Fall through early Winter Fishing, WE CATCH FISH YEAR ROUND. With each seasons, and Style of fishing adds a New Experience making fishing Fast, & Furious, Exciting, & FUN for all ages.

​For 2015 we will start offering Seasonal Striper Fishing trips in the Congaree and Wateree Rivers again,,, Plus I will be offering fishing trips on Lake Wateree SC. On these Wateree trips we catch Blues, Flatheads, White Perch, and Stripers all on the same trips each day. So ask about these special trips.

​We have caught, weighed, and recorded and average of 45,000+ lbs of fish a year for 7 years. We also offer special fishing trips upon request for Bream, and Stripers here where they are known for their abundance, large size. With our Mild Winter Temps our waters do not freeze in the winter. This means that our fish stay active through out the year growing and growing. I have really been blessed in my adventures. We have 22 Confirmed World Records of fish ranging from 100.5 lbs and under. With 11 of our World Records with kids under the ages of 16 years old. We have caught a lot of exceptional big fish receiving Certificate of Achievement from the Governor. Our 96.4 lb World Record Blue Catfish was caught while filming the “What a Catch” TV Show.

​We have been featured in 18 different TV Shows like; O'Neill Outside, What a Catch, Bob Redfern Outdoor Magazine, South Carolina Outdoors, Adrenalin Adventures TV, and Bushwacker Outdoors. These shows have helped launch our services around the world. We have been in and featured in over 400 magazines like Field & Stream, South Carolina Game and Fish, South Carolina Sportsman, and more with now Internet Magazines. These articles focused on Catfishing the Santee Cooper with tips, and tricks to help everyone to catch bigger, and better Trophy Catfish. These TV Shows and Publications have made our service into a World Class Operation hosting people from Every State in the USA and from 51 different countries.​
These guide services I offer to anyone who wants to fish. This guide won't promise the biggest fish in the world, but I will do my best to get you jerked out of the boat by a big fish! I will use my 48 years fishing experience to try and get you what you want. My fishing is done with conventional rod & reel, bait, & tackle. With my guide services I provide boat, boating safety equipment, rods, reels, tackle, bait and cooler for fish. If you would like to bring your own equipment, let me know. For these big catfish it takes very heavy equipment.

​We fish on a 30-foot long Crest II H. P. Pontoon boat powered by a Yamaha 250 H. P. 4-Stroke Motor with a 12 ft. hard top. We have been green since 2000! We use cutting edge technology electronics, equipment, and high quality products by Crest Pontoon Boats, Yamaha Motors Penn, Berkley, Berkley Power Bait, Ugly Stick, Spider Wire, Fire Line, Marine Service, All Start Rods, Stren, Berkley, Trilene, Genesis Trailers, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Pflueger, Lowrance Electronic, Columbia Sportswear, Catawba Tackle and Marine Co. Inc., Quality Pier, Jesse Brown's Outdoors, Green Magnet Fishing Lights, and Southpaw Screen Printing & Embroidery, These quality products help me do my job right!
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