Come Catfish on Lake Marion, and Lake Moultrie on the Santee Cooper System in SC with Guide and Pro Angler Capt. Darryl Smith with a 100 lb a day Guarantee. We have 23 Confirmed World Records, and have been featured in 19 TV Shows, and over 460 Magazines. All you will need is a SC Fishing License and whatever you wish to eat or drink during a day’s time.

(Ask about our alcohol policy).  Fish in Comfort on a 30-Foot Crest Pontoon.

In the Wintertime we have a 12 foot Enclosure with a 45,000 BTU heater in it.

Stay warm and dry on the worst of days.​

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2014 was a real good year for catfishing. 2015 has been even better! Our water levels are normal, 2015 looking like a record making year. We are Hooking up on Big Fish after Big Fish! We now are in our Summertime Night Fishing Season in which we run from 6 pm till 2 am, We are SMOKING the fish. Catching 30-50 lb fish than I’ve seen in a few years . So far my best trip this 2015 season was 850+ lbs weighed in so far. 2014 year was 1,000+ lbs weighed. We still on normal days averaging 200+ lbs each trip. This has been putting smiles on Faces. Each year I'm learning more and more, 2015 is looking to be one of the best years. 

Now remember, Not just our Summer night fishing is Excellent; But Our Fall and Winter Daytime Fishing is some of the best fishing of the whole year yet to come!! Our fish make Fantastic Table Fare! Our water is clean with no restrictions on eating the catfish. Now when you catch a fish on my boat it's YOUR choice to keep it or throw it back. I carry a 170 quart cooler so if you wish to keep fish, IT'S YOUR CHOICE and is Ok with me either way. No I do not fish till a cooler full and come in. We fish till 8 hours past the time we decide to leave the dock each day, or we come in earlier when you scream UNCLE.

     So Come on and lets go fish the Catfish Capital of the World!

2014 was a Great year with our best trip weighing over 1,000 lbs. 2015 is in a close chase so far with a trip over 850+ lbs in 1 trip. Now Our Summertime Night fishing is in full swing,I cannot wait to see the Large fish just keep coming in the boat. Largest catfish we caught 2015 so far is 86 lb Blue. The Top 5 catfish in my boat are a 90 lb Flathead, 91.5 lb Blue, 93 lb blue, 96.4 lb blue, & 100.5 lb blue catfish!