Fishing Prices

Come Catfish on Lake Marion, and Lake Moultrie on the Santee Cooper System in SC with Guide and Pro Angler Capt. Darryl Smith with a 100 lb a day Guarantee. We have 23 Confirmed World Records, and have been featured in 59 TV Shows, and over 598 Magazines. All you will need is a SC Fishing License and whatever you wish to eat or drink during a day’s time.


 Fish in Comfort on a 30-Foot High Performance Crest Pontoon.

In the Wintertime we have a 12 foot Enclosure with a 45,000 BTU heater in it.

Stay warm and dry on the worst of days.​

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General Rate Info Fishing Prices Refunds Payment Methods 
       $450.00 US covers 1 to 3 people
$500.00 US covers 4 people
$550.00 US covers 5 people
$600.00 US covers 6 people 
One Child 12 years old and younger fish for free with a paying adult per trip.

(These prices subject to change due to rising gas prices.) 
Maximum of 6 people per party.

BINDERS$ 100.00 US dollar binder is required for each day reserved to guarantee your reservation (For example: If you want to fish 1 day your binder is $100.00 US dollars. If you would like to fish two days, the binder would be $200.00 US dollars or $300.00 US dollars for three days, etc.). If you are booking 3 or more straight days; a binder of $200.00 is required for each day (example: the binder for 3 straight days is $600.00 US dollars, 4 straight days is $800.00 US dollars, etc.). All binders are required within 10 days of when call me and book your trip (example: if you call on April 1st and book a trip for October 21st, your binder is due by April 11th). Balance is due on day of trip.Remaining balance charges are to be paid in CASH on the dock the day of trip.   Binder Refunds - All binders are non refundable but are transferable to another date up to 10 days prior to the date of your trip. If you cancel within 10 days of your trip binders are non-refundable or transferable.  If weather causes us to cancel your trip (no matter how close to trip date), all binders will be transferable to another date. ONLY Captain Darryl can make the call of bad weather. All General Information applies.
Payment Methods Accepted :Your BINDERS can be a choice of personal check, cashiers check, or money order. Remaining charges are to be paid in CASH ONLY THE DAY OF TRIPS AT THE DOCKS.   Make checks payable to Captain Darryl Smith and mail it to the address below:
Captain Darryl Smith
3145 Long Meadow Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730

 Call or Text 803-367-6275

Catfish on the Santee Cooper Lakes and Rivers in SC with Guide and Pro Angler Capt. Darryl Smith with a 100 lb a day Guaranty. We have averaged 55,000+ lbs a year for the last 5 years straight. We have 23 Confirmed World Records, and have been featured in numbers of TV Shows, and MagazineS. We supply all rod & reels, bait, tackle, boat, and boating equipment. All you need is a SC Fishing License, and what ever you wish to eat and drink in a days time. 
Fish in Comfort on a 30 Foot High Performance Crest Pontoon.
​For current fishing trends or to see when the best time to come on your fishing adventure would be- call or text Capt. Darryl 803-367-6275.  

Trip Planning  
Where Do We Fish? I fish the Santee Cooper Lakes (Lake Marion, and Lake Moultrie) in South Carolina. With custom trips into Lake Wateree, Lake Wylie, the Wateree River, and Congaree River. I have fished these waters my whole life.These waters are large in size taking experience and talent to navigate safely. These lakes are constantly changing because of weather and moving waters. I spend a vast time on these waters keeping up with the fish movement, and structure changes.  

What About The Details? Conditions are always changing, so we custom design your trip to bring you the best outdoor experience. Once reservations are made and your binder has been received, Captain Darryl will provide information. The checklist contains the following information:
* Where to meet and what time
* Area Lodging and Restaurants
* Area Entertainment
* Fishing or hunting license requirements
* What you may need to bring
* Any additional seasonal items

What Do You Need To Bring?
​* Everyone 16 years old and older will have to have a SC fishing license. $10.00 US dollars for SC Residents License, and $11.00 US dollars for a 7-day permit for NON-Residents of SC
* Rain suit or poncho
* Cold weather clothes during winter or cool seasons.
* Hat, sunglasses, and sunblock (please do not bring continuous spray sunblocks. The wind blows it all over the boat and into my bait tank contaminating the bait) Fish will not bite bait that smells like a coconut!
* Bring whatever food or drink you wish to have in a day's time in a cooler for your convenience.

​* If you choose to keep fish: most days I work out a marina where my fish cleaners are, so you will need a big enough cooler to take your cleaned fish home in. If we go to some different marina you may need some way to transport your fish to a cleaner. If so, I recommend if you do not have a 150 quart cooler to get a simple plastic storage container from a Dollar General or some where cheap to carry fish in.If you want to use your own equipment, please let me know! Big fish demand tuff equipment! 

What Will Darryl Bring?

Catfishing: I will supply boat, boating equipment, safety equipment, rods, reels, bait, tackle, and a cooler on the boat for your fish if you choose to take fish home.
Fishing cleaning. There are fish cleaning service available but are not part of my company. These are at and extra price between you and cleaners. 

Captain Darryl's Guide Service
3145 Long Meadow Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730

​Call or Text the Captain 803-367-6275

​Thank you! We are looking forward to your business!